Halfway to Magnolia House 

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Halfway to a Southern Heart

Rebecca grew up in a well-to-do family in Memphis. For years, her father wanted her to marry the son of a family friend, but Rebecca did not love him. No sooner had she turned eighteen, she became pregnant by Vernon; a man she barely knew. Before she could share the good news with him, he suddenly left Memphis, never to return. Devastated, she had no choice but to give up the baby. Her parents sent her away to hide her growing shame, and arranged for an adoption. But Rebecca couldn't go through with the adoption, and made her own plans. With her secret secured, she returned home and dutifully married. In time, she gave birth to another child. Life was good, until fate stepped in threatening to expose her secret. A series of events ensued that not only threatened to destroy her family, but also the lives of a family living in the fertile cotton belt of Arkansas. https://amazon.com/dp/B00PO6ZTII

Halfway to Uncertainty

Dwight Morris and his lifelong friend formed a business partnership that quickly made them millions. A fishing trip to Miami changed everything when Colin unwittingly came into possession of Colombian drug cartel information. Before his untimely death, Colin encoded the information and embedded it onto company software. Unaware of his friend's actions, Dwight became snarled in a twist of fate that threatened to ruin his company unless he followed the instructions of a mysterious benefactor. Uncertainty thrived as Dwight was directed on a maddening run across the United States. Having proved his trustworthiness, his supporter shows herself and they team together to learn what happened to Colin. But cartel operatives are in hot pursuit and the two soon realize they are in over their heads. Their luck changes when they enlist the help of an investigator of the United States Treasury. https://amazon.com/dp/B00PNV0AMO

Halfway to the Truth

Reese Summers was a small-town reporter, that is, until her writing talents were noticed by a Savannah editor. She was quickly offered a job at the Savannah Daily as an investigative reporter. It wasn't long before she was assigned to start snooping around the Drakos shipping company. Viktor Drakos had long been at odds with the newspaper and its editor over his company's safety record and wasn't happy with her probing into his business. Now, Reese was getting close to discovering a secret that the shipping magnate didn't want to come to light. In order to prevent her from uncovering his secret, he offered her twice her news salary to become his company's Public Affairs Officer. Shortly after accepting his offer, she begins to learn that the company is entangled in an international conspiracy and that knowledge threatens to place her life in jeopardy. https://amazon.com/dp/B00XJQVJ7A

Halfway to Magnolia House

Laura Wingate's life in New York City was falling apart. The man she wanted to marry could not commit, and her job as a museum exhibitions manager was growing stale. Needing to reexamine her life, she temporarily returned to Magnolia House on the outskirts of Alexandria, Louisiana. A place she had shared many happy days with her grandparents. Along the way, Laura met Kendrick Reynolds, a Hollywood Director, and learned he was preparing to direct a movie in locations around Alexandria based on the American Civil War's Red River Campaign. She soon became enchanted by Kendrick, but a forgotten high school classmate competed for her attention, putting Kendrick in danger. With film production underway, Laura became intrigued by the historical events of 1864, and the rumors about Magnolia House's involvement with the Underground Railroad. An artifact she discovered in the attic suggested the rumors were not unfounded, but she could not decipher its meaning. When her two suitors accidentally stumbled across the evidence she was looking for, they put aside their differences, and made a pact to keep it from her. Little did she suspect, the past was going to collide with the present and change her forever. https://amazon.com/dp/B01AML01O6



Halfway to Magnolia House

"A Civil War story told from a very modern perspective...."

Judy Smith

Halfway to a Vineyard

"Keeps you guessing till the end."

Leeky Behrman

Halfway to the Truth

"I love crime dramas and thrillers."


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