ABOUT Halfway Author

"All the words I have written have been used before...I only rearranged them." 

"Realizing that going halfway I know where I've been, but the other half is yet a mystery waiting to be explored." 

"Writing fiction isn't about lying through your teeth but, more like, fibbing with a little class." 

                                                                                                 - Anthony Mays


I was born and raised near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I am a Vietnam veteran and retired from the U.S. Army. After my military service, I received my bachelor's degree from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. I made a second career as a civil servant in the U.S. government. Along with my wife Sherry, I enjoy vacationing along beaches and the coastline. We have three children and four blessed grandchildren.

I am honored to be listed in the Illinois Authors Wiki, a project of the Illinois Center for the Book.

My first novel, Halfway to a Southern Heart, was inspired by John Grisham's A Painted House. Grisham's book was made into a television movie in 2003. The house used in the movie set still stands in the rural community south of downtown Lepanto, Arkansas.

My third and most recent novel, Halfway to the Truth and Halfway to MMXX The Year 2020: It Begins are hailed as eco-fiction at their best. Both books have received the LiFE (Literature for Environment) Award.

As the author of several 'halfway to' themed books, I chose to use the expression mostly based on my road travels. Seemingly, I was halfway to a destination when a character, plot, or location came to my imagination. Now I am excited to continue to take pieces of my life experiences and mold them into fictional works of art for your enjoyment.